Sky Picnic

2011 NASONI 107

Farther In This Fairy Tale

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage

The debut full-length release from New York City's Sky Picnic, Farther In This Fairy Tale, resurrects the lost art of the concept album, telling the tale of a loss of innocence and an introspective journey through life that immerses the listener in a mystical and fairy tale-like world of psychedelia. An atmospheric and rather mellow vibe saturates each of the eight songs. The story starts off with the single “Hide and Seek,” which recalls the joys of childhood and the innocence of a bygone era. The LP’s centerpiece is live-favorite 'the Universal Mind Decoder', an 11 minute epic full of echoes, feedback and fuzz, that manages to deconstruct music and take you to the edge of the universe, only to bring everything back to where it began.

Label: Nasoni
LP 400 copies black Vinyl sold out 
LP 100 copies colour Vinyl sold out 

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