2020 NASONI 215

Bad Boys Of Comedy

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage | 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock

ltd. edition 300 pcs. 180g sky blue HQ-vinyl incl. Downloadcard, release date on July 21, 2020

''Bad Boys Of Comedy'' ( We have no explanation why this is not evident in the artwork. This was the working title for the band and us. We have no explanation why we all overlooked printing it on the cover. ) is a debut record from Lammping, a new psych-rock outfit from Toronto, formed by multi-instrumentalist Mikhail Galkin and drummer Jay Anderson.

LP incorporates a wide range of influences that Jay and Mikhail bonded over., from Tropicalia and Turkish Psych to classic NY Boom-Bap drum patterns and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-style vocal harmonies.

While rooted in riffs and heavy drumming, the debut LP showcases a fresh, eclectic approach to modern Psychedelia, eschewing cliched musical categorizations.


Interview with ''Psychedelic Baby Mag''

Label: Nasoni
LP 300 pcs. coloured 180g HQ-Vinyl 
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