2011 AD11C680


Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Krautrock

"The new release ""lesGolax"" has been recorded at three different concerts, and shows the variations wich can be found in this projekt. Recorded at Psychedelic-Network-Festival, The Sonic-Club and a New-Years-Eve Party at Dubstation Kaulitz, this colourful piece of spacemusic is a picture taken of the deep releationship beetween audience and the musicians of Weltraum. From dubsounds to spacerock, the listener may follow to the magic atmosphere of these events, falling deep into the music of Weltraum. ""lesGolax"" is available as a CD with 5tracks (77min. !!) and is now also available as a double-LP with three additional tracks and a huge poster inside."

Label: Underground Äxpärten
CD AD11C680 

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