Welcome inside the brain

2017 NASONI190

Celebrate the depression

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

The band was founded in 2015 in Leipzig and released the EP 'Welcome Inside The Brain' in the same year. They played several tours all over Europe and supported bands like 'Banned from Utopia' (the original band of Frank Zappa), the krautrock legend 'Birth Control' and 'Siena Root'. 'Welcome Inside The Brain' releases their first album 'Celebrate The Depression' in autumn 2017 on Nasoni Records. 'Celebrate The Depression' is the first album of the young band 'Welcome Inside The Brain' from Leipzig/Germany. The sound is much diversified with elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock and long of improvisations. The band describes the album as a mirror of postmodern times, full of contradictions and hints. You are taken on a long journey with feelings like joy, fear, hope and desperation. There are some freaky parts in it that happened in very special moments of the recording process. Also there are many parts checked in detail in a long run. Influences for the album: The band is influenced by modern jazz, progressive rock bands like King Crimson, current processes in politics and society

Label: Nasoni
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