Sky Picnic

2012 NASONI 129

Paint Me A Dream

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage

Paint Me A Dream is the second album by Sky Picnic. Over the course of its nine songs, the listener follows a dreamer through a dark sequence of night visions, getting lost in a web of thought and longing for reality, only to find clarity in the beckoning daybreak. From the straight-ahead psych-pop of the title-track or first single “Rippled”, to improvisational freak-outs like “Aurora” and epic instrumental journeys (“Slumbers Gate”), this is the newly refined sound of a band coming into its own on full aural display. The album manages to still remain faithful to the roots of Sky Picnic, yet features this newly expanded sonic palette, helping to create a whole new psychedelic trip for the listener. Dream yourself away.

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Label: Nasoni
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