2012 NASONI 116

Up To Be Free

Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage

Righsing, (pronounced rising) is a band from Berlin, Germany that has been making music since 2008. Their music is an eclectic mix of many different genres and styles. The four members come from different musical backgrounds and create a new sound they call Rockadelic Tillibilli. The singer, Mariko Pentagram, has been singing all her life. Growing up in a musical family, she sang in different children's choirs,madrigal groups and with multiple bands over the years. Julius-k is an all around musician playing the guitar for Righsing, with a masterful passion. His use of different guitar effects brings psychedelic layers and unexpected moments to the music. He played for many years with Zone Six and Südstern 44, produced by Nasoni Records.Jörg Lemkuhl plays the electric bass. He is a visual artist who decided one day to learn an instrument. His style of bass playing is fun and uplifting, bringing a lightheartedness to the music. S. Abul Rödl has played many types of traditional drums and beats for 18 years with the medieval band Varius Coloribus Expierence. Righsing is a great band, live and recorded. The original mix of sounds and styles keeps the listener/watcher.

Label: Nasoni
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