Prisma Circus / Nomega

2012 NASONI 120

Split LP

Style: Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

PRISMA CIRCUS Prisma Circus first came to be in late 2010 as the creation of Alex Carmona Blanco (drums) and Joaquin Escudero Arce (bass/volcals) in Barcelona, Spain.Although they had an incomplete line up, they decided to continue working and recording an opening ep in September 2011. With the help of friends (Jordi Rodriguez Gallego, Aureli Rubio Panades and Oscar Garcia Albizu) Guitar tracks were added to the ep to complete the sound. Oscar Garcia Albizu (guitar) later joined as a permanent addition to the band.Prisma Circus, inspired by the 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock era, uses the lyrics as tales to introduce the instrumental music. Heavy riffs, loud drums, blues-filled bass lines and fuzzy-wah guitar solos all insure to set the psychedelic mood in every track.They recorded “The Genius” during February 2012, to include it in the ep as a bonus track, completing the extended play album. NOMEGA Nomega's story begins in late 2010 when bassist Zan and drummer Sebas joined forces to bring some fresh energy to the local underground scene. Soon joined by guitarist Darius, they started making a name for themselves in the western area of Romania. 2011 saw the arrival of the band's second guitarist George. Nomega's alchemy consists of spacey jams, bulldozing bass riffs, noisy escapades into the outer spheres and a generally ever-changing palette of sounds. In late 2011 the band entered the studio to concoct a demo album. This album was recorded completely live, with voices and some effects added later. Nomega's songs however do unique version of their set, and may be considered a reflection of their state of mind and spirit at the time.

Label: Nasoni
LP 400 black vinyl with insert sold out 
LP 100 ltd, colour vinyl with insert sold out 

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