Polytoxicomane Philharmonie

2010 NASONI 080

Go Ape

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

Finally it is the time so many have been waiting for: the new album by Polytoxicomane Philharmonie. Yes that´s right, this group played with their amazing sets not only great live shows but straight into the hearts of their faithful fans. The new album highlights the year after great performances at Burg Herzberg Festival and Zappanale. And it is some very, very special. For the first time Polytoxicomane Philharmonie assembled with Go Ape a true double long play Album – even on CD – now they can wait for ease to achieve and well deserved platinum status! Easy for these never tired super creative sound-alchemists that explore not only strange new sounds... The Frankfurt/Main based quintet plays psychedelic rock music with a slight jassy attitude. No one should dare to miss this amazing record! Cover with embossing

Label: Nasoni
DCD Double CD + Comic sold out 
DLP black 400 ltd 
DLP  colour vinyl 100 ltd, sold out 
EUR 26,00
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