Machine, The

2009 NASONI 089

Solar Corona

Style: Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

Originating from around Rotterdam (The Netherlands), The Machine are a traditional three-piece playing Psychedelic HEAVY Rock. Started out in September 2006, the current line-up was formed in October 2007. The late 60s and early 70s are a source of inspiration and are reflected in the heavy and downtuned sound this band has to offer. You can expect a pounding rhythm section and lots of soloing on guitar combined with an overall laidback subtlety. Here you get real heavy shit, long tracks and endlessly pounding psychedelic music. Coloured vinyl is limited to 100 copies only.

Label: Nasoni
DLP black 400 ltd sold out 
DLP colour 100 ltd, sold out 
CD NASONI 089CD sold out 

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