Los Natas

2009 NASONI 076

Nuevo Orden De La Libertad

Style: Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

"Somewhere in the jungles of South America a tree is still standing. Somewhere in the slums of Buenos Aires a child learns to read. Somewhere south of the equator the spirit of rock and roll burns ever vigilant. A spirit calls to us across many borders and many hundreds of miles. Acall to create, a call to repair, a call to manifest a power to make things right in the world. This is not an album; it's a call to arms. This is not music; it's the sound of a revolution. This is Nuevo Orden De La Libertad, The New Order of Liberty. Ten new tracks from Argentina's prodigal sons of real rock and roll, Los Natas. Nuevo Orden De La Libertad, is the album we've always known that Los Natas could make. Thick, heavy, psychedelic swirlings that combine the best of both worlds this Latin son’s inhabit. "

Label: Nasoni
LP black 400 ltd sold out 
LP colour 100 ltd sold out 

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