Hansi Biebl Band

2009 NASONI 084


Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

When we came to know that recordings of the legendary Hansi-Biebl-Band have been found we instantly got interested. The Band was forbidden by the East German cultural and educational policy in 1975 because the Band members Eberhard Klunker and Olaf Wegener escaped to West Germany across the Baltic Sea. As usual the band has not been mentioned in the media anymore and all existing recordings were destroyed. Therefore it is even more astonishing that these now available recordings have survived. The reason is a labeling mistake in the audiotape archive. When we first heard the music we were surprised by the musical and technical quality of the recordings. The music sounds so fresh it could actually have been played yesterday. We are glad that with the album “Savannah” we are able to offer you a piece of long-lost East German music history.

Label: Nasoni
LP black 400 ltd sold out 
LP  colour vinyl 100 ltd. sold out 
CD NASONI 084CD sold out 

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