2022 Nasoni-226

Meandering Soul

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

Djiin is a psychedelic stoner-rock band whose name is inspired by spirits and other beasts of the semitic beliefs and traditions. Influenced by 70’s progressive rock and krautrock bands, doom scene and heavy rock from the glory days of the early Sabbath era, as well as other modern references based on the diversity between western and traditional eastern sonorities, Djiin develops a personal, atypical and captivating universe. Composed for four years by a guitar, a bass, drums, and led by an powerful, charismatic and low-voiced female singer and harpist, the band comes out with its powerful and fuzzy riffs, its twisted beats, its psychedelic melodies and its vocal incantations for a transcendent rendering. A real evasion invitation. The use of the electric harp in this “classic“ rock line-up gives unique and surprising sonorities that accentuate theband’s mystic and ritualistic universe.
This album presents the story of a tortured-mind being and his evil fiends. The listener is going through a trip where he/she will meet many characters and will be surrounded sometimes by dark and frozen landscapes, other times by a hot and mesmerizing desert, or otherwise by oppressing and sensual places. All these elements are sailing on various musical influences.
The album has been recorded at The Blue Anvil Sound (Guipry, FR) and mixed/mastered at the Garage Hermétique (Rezé, FR).
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Label: Nasoni
LP 100 pcs. orange / white marbled vinyl Band-Edition sold out 
LP 100 pcs. blue / white marbled vinyl Nasoni-Edition sold out 
LP 200 pcs. black vinyl sold out 

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