Cosmic Trip Machine

2013 NASONI 135

Golden Horus Name

Style: Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental | 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage

The Golden Horus Name project is the return of Cosmic Trip Machine on stage then, from May 2012, in studio, with a new line-up. The album tells two different stories melted: the celestial cow Egyptian myth in broad outline and the story of Barrington, a cursed rock star, a Great Pharaoh reincarnation, who lived in the Swinging London and fell into a deep depression. The character is directly inspired by the life of the musician Ramases who recorded during the 60’s and the 70’s some singles and two beautiful albums. Golden Horus Name is a return to heaviest roots of the band, with progressive structures.

Label: Nasoni
LP 400 black vinyl with insert and download code 
LP 100 ltd, colour vinyl with insert and download code sold out 
EUR 15,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

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